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Tokarz Law Offices has been dedicated to providing clients with the best legal representation possible. We tailor every estate plan to meet our clients' needs, and always keep their best interests at heart. Our firm is determined to help every client with their estate planning and probate requests. Discussing wills, trusts, and power of attorney may be a difficult subject, but we are here to make our clients feel at ease when deciding where their assets and properties should go. Our Chicago estate planning lawyers have the experience to know how to minimize the probate court involvement, and lessen taxes on assets when gifted to beneficiaries




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Testamentary wills are a small part of the estate planning process, but play an important role. As the most common type of will, they are formally prepared documents that are signed in the presence of witnesses. These documents dictate what will happen to your property after you die. These wills can also name an executor as the person who is authorized to manage your estate after you pass. If you do not name an executor, the court will name one for you.


“Probate” is a legal procedure for managing a deceased person’s assets/debts/property.  A probate action is filed in court in order to empower an administrator or executor in the position to legally manage the deceased estate.  There are a number of assets that are not subject to probate, such as property held in  joint tenancy , life insurance, retirement benefits, and trust assets.


A trust is a legal agreement that consists of three parties. A trustmaker is the person who created the trust, and is often known as the grantor, trustor, or settlor. The trustee is the person or unit who manages the property, and the beneficiary is the person who receives the benefits of the property. This means that the trustor will transfer ownership of a property or asset to the trustee, who will then manage and hold the title of the property or asset for the beneficiary. There are many types of trusts, but the most common are living, testamentary, revocable, and irrevocable trusts.

Probate and trust litigation

Probate litigation attorneys routinely represent executors, administrators and trustees in all aspects of administration disputes, fiduciary issues and settlement of  estates and trusts. Attorneys also represent heirs, and  beneficiaries relating to their interests in estates and trusts.


A durable power of attorney is a written document that is valid even when you become too ill or incapacitated to make your own decisions, and is void upon your death. The person you choose to act on your behalf and manage your financial affairs will step in and follow the instructions in the durable power of attorney. This agent is not only able to handle your financial matters, but make healthcare decisions and conduct other business that may need to be completed while you are debilitated. 

Asset protection

Asset Protection planning helps with the preservation of your wealth by restructuring your assets in a manner that minimizes the chance of loss in future lawsuits. Tokarz Law can help set goals with your family or business in order to discourage lawsuits; encourage favorable settlements; place assets beyond the reach of creditors; maintain control of business interests and other assets; provide for support and income flow to family under all circumstances; avoid fraudulent conveyances; avoid probate; minimize taxes; and coordinate with an estate plan.


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